(Yeah yeah, I know I hate people who

Anyway, have you seen the advert on the gogglebox for a compilation CD called Sad Songs?

Obviously it’s timed to coincide with the long dark hours, and all those lonely, broken hearted people with money burning holes in their pockets, but it does get a giggle in our house (the first time we heard it, it actually reduced us both to hysterical tears).

The advert runs through Sinead O’Connor’s Nothing Compares 2 U, LeAnn Rimes’ How do I Live and a few others, but the crowning glory is the final song in the advert.

As the smooth and smarmy voiceover which has been describing these “tender, loving songs, songs that connect, songs that feel” fades out, and with perfect comic timing, the advert launches into the chorus of that all time classic – it even uses the big 80s rock drum BDOOMMM that signals the chorus is coming – All By Myself by Eric Carmen, recently covered by Celine Dion.

You know the one (to be sung at the top of your voice):

Don’t wanna be,

Did I say crowning glory? Maybe that should be coup de grâce. Whatever, it’s hilarious, do try and catch it. Best thing on TV at the moment.