Not this but that

I had thought of 23 different things to post here by 8.30am this morning. I’ve forgotten each one. Instead I’ll give you a transcript (a small snippet) of a discussion I’ve just had on IM (the names have been changed to protect the innocent – I’ve ALWAYS wanted to say that… hmmmm what ever happened to M.A.R.R.S.??):

Donalda Bint: Am learning to drive, learning the drums and am trying to treach myself turkish
Gordon: tell me, how do you play the drums AND steer at the same time?
turkish drum driving is a sought after skill
so why Turkish?
whim is a terrible thing
blown by the winds of whim
in the direction of turkey
whim. not only a great word but something everyone should give into from time to time
it is a fine word – especially with a scottish accent, because we pronounce it “whim” whereas here in england they pronounce it “wim”. And that is more German film maker than innermost arbitariness
ahhh but “wim” is apt though, given mr.wenders propensities to the more fanciful artefacts of life
(I wish I knew what I meant there)
true, but I bet he pronounces it “whim”
the “wh” gives in a whimsical and “will o’ the wisp” like feeling
very rare linguistic sound the “wh” apparently
doing any whimming yourself?
see when you say it like that it just sounds dirty
yeah, got told that by a linguistic tutor – because it is basically breathing more than sound
heh heh heh
yes, but wimming sounds worse
depends on your accent…. u wimmin are always up to something…
turkish drum driving for example

We go on to discuss vowel karma and the Scottish approach to it (any one will do), and using colours as a filing system for people (including “drab”, “bowfin’ peach” and “dreary orange”).

Life? Who needs one of those?