Mice and men

“Weekend plans” meet “long stay headache”.
“Long stay headache” meet “weekend plans”.

Managed to do some shopping on Saturday. That was about it as the rest of the time consisted of channel surfing, painkillers, doze on couch, painkillers, lunch, painkillers, dinner, ryder cup, Dr.Doolittle 2 (see, see how bad it was!), and bed at 10.30pm.

Feeling better now, still a bit groggy though although the sight of horizontal rain, first thing in the morning, isn’t a great lift to the spirits.

In other news, blogrolling still refuses to show updated blogs – messages HAVE been left.

And, on the plus side, a certain DVD box set should land on my desk today, and my returned mobile phone should be waiting when I get home.

And I do believe it has just stopped raining and the sun has come out, I can even see a bit of blue sky!