Well done to all the medal winners at the Olympics. And a special mention to Matthew Pinsent, ya big cry baby.

Boiler fitted, control unit figured out but only after walking up at 6.15 this morning, sweaty and hot, and realising the heating was on!

Started tidying up, and we’ve decided on what we are going to do in the hole left in the wall.. ohh yeah, there were gonna be photos:

Big Ugly Gas Fire

Big Ugly Hole in Wall

Anyway, a brief trip to B&Q and IKEA last night (where we managed to escape having only spent about ยฃ20) and we are just about set. Well aside from what colour the new fireplace (piece?) will be.

More on this later, when I’ll chronicle my attempts at D.I.Y. Bet you can’t wait.

Anyway, better go finish tidying up, and get my shirt ironed for tonight – Louise is down performing bridesmaids duties, making favours, and I want to get the place done before she returns.

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