Irish Coffee

Well just about survived the weekend. Saturday was a sad farewell to Laura, before rushing from her leaving party – where most people from work turned up between 9-9.30pm, I was sure it said it started at 8! – to head to Louise’s cousins for a family night with my in-laws as the star guests.. or whatever excuse we used this time.

I should’ve known better.

I had plans for Sunday, but they didn’t include drinking until 4am. Still, we had a nice Sunday lunch with my family before nipping round the rest of the Dumbarton based brethren then heading home with the sole aim of lying on the sofa and watching whatever the Olympics dictated. I managed THAT bit.

Of course now, despite having been tired all day, I can’t get to sleep. According to my body clock, ten past midnight is still early. Well it’ll give me time to do some research into the accuracy of The Da Vinci Code which I’m almost finished reading. Fact or fiction? Either way it’s a fascinating book.