It’s muggy, close and horrible in Glasgow today. One of those days were just setting foot outside the door causes your skin to start leaking. It rained for a while last night and the change in temperature was instantly noticeable, it needs to the do the same again today. Yeuch.

The weather is stopping me completing a few much needed tasks, including cleaning/sorting my home PC which has an annoying buzzing sound emanating from it at the moment. I think it’s just the fan that needs sorting but a cursory look last night offered nothing obvious. Still, I have a can of compressed air and I’m ready to battle the legions of dust bunnies residing within the case.

The office itself will need to be emptied partially in the coming weeks anyway, as part of the whole ‘getting a new boiler’ also includes replacing the radiator in that room. It was punctured when we moved in (three years ago) and although it’s never on, we may as well get it done at the same time as all the other work. So, faced with the prospect of packing away the dust gathering piano keyboard, shifting a set of drawers, and possibly turning the entire desk round to allow better access to the radiator, I’ve been pondering a wee reshuffle in there. There is a bookcase in the loft, currently holding VHS tapes, which could be better used in the office, but where to put the desk?

There is a choice of three positions. Under the window, meaning I’d be facing the window. Opposite the window, a no go due to the reflections on the monitor. Or the current position which has the window to my right. Little reflection but it also has me with my back to the door which makes, I think, the room smaller.

So, my question is this, dear reader. Where is your desk positioned?