Over Exposure

When I bought my digital camera, a couple of years ago now, I went into a frenzied ‘clicking’ of everything. I took some time to try and get the basics of good photography down and took part in things like the wonderful 26 Things project. This year I’ve hardly had the camera out at all.

So when my new phone arrives, with it’s inbuilt camera, I’m hoping it will help re-ignite my photographic creativity. You see I’m still at that stage where I don’t take my camera everywhere (anywhere) and so when I spot something that I think would make a good photo (everyday) I’m stuck. Sure my current phone has a camera add-on but it sucks.

So, I’m now wondering whether to create a separate “moblog”, or feature the pictures here? I’m thinking Flickr would be a good bet. Not sure. Anyone got any suggestions?

One idea would be a random pic over on the left there somewhere (at the top of the left-hand column probably) which would link to either my Flickr page or a gallery page hosted here… hmmm more thought needed, and suggestions welcomed.