Money matters

Awaiting two more quotes for the new boiler installation. Both from local companies, one of which Scottish Gas would’ve subcontracted anyway. Both of them have suggested the boiler can be placed in the loft with a remote control unit (wireless) sited anywhere we want. It felt much better dealing with the people who will actually be doing the work rather than a salesman. Here’s hoping the prices are a bit cheaper.

However I’m not holding out. Grade A Condensing boilers will be mandatory in about 9 months time so there’s little point in us taking an old style combi-boiler. This is why the quotes have been so high. I think.

And I’m off to the IFA today to see about remortgaging. Our three year fixed rate period is up in August and I’m sure we can get a better deal and free up a little more cash. Considering I’ve not had a pay rise in two and a bit years and unlikely to get one in the foreseeable future, anything we can save now is almost double the money… if you follow my (somewhat flawed) logic.

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