T in the Park #6

Sunday in the Slam Tent

5 more T in the Park posts to go (well 6 if you include a recap). Two stages left to be covered after today, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. From this lot, who do you recommend I go see?

  • Chemical Brothers – one of my fav bands.
  • Groove Armada – another fav band, heard they are quite good live.
  • Jeff Mills – know the name, any good?
  • Slam – the name puts me off, any good?
  • Josh Wink – not that one hit wonder from early house days?
  • Funk D’void – who?
  • Adam Freeland – got some of his stuff, might be interesting ‘live’
  • Yoda – the name puts me off again, any good?
  • Salon Boris – who?
  • Sidewinder – who?

I think my lack of knowledge of dance music obvious, I need your help!!