4 years ago…

…some prat wrote this:

“My first blog – mind you for such a great idea, you think they would have thought up a less frumpy name! Now I’ve just got to figure out how to work the damn thing!”

Four years. That’s quite a long time. That’s quite a long time to spend ‘mucking about on the internet’. Hell that’s quite a long time to spend doing anything that isn’t hugely (obviously) useful.

I am happy to report, however, that this blog is very much part of my life and just because I’ve crossed over the magical four-year mark there won’t be any hiati going on here. I may have been published (twice), helped out with one radio show, featured in another but fear not, the fame hasn’t gone to my head (daahlings).

I’ve redesigned, on average, every six months, and the content here has changed dramatically in focus, composition and direction. Of course if I was counting my first ‘personal’ site incarnation then I’m up at the six year mark, but as I’ve not really progressed much since then (web wise) then I’m happy to be 4 A.B. (after Blogger).

Guess I should throw a party or something…