So, watching highlights of Glastonbury, some good stuff, some mediocre. All of it whetting my appetite for T in the Park in a couple of weeks.

Ohh did I mention that the best mate a man could have in the whole wide world ever managed to score some tickets? Top stuff!

So, with that in mind I’ll be needing your collective opinions over the coming weeks. There are 5 stages, over two days, so this week I’ll be discussing the bottom half of the running order (the smaller stages), and next week I tackle the bigger stages and more established artists/legends (well I can hardly class Bowie as an “established artist” now, can I!?!).

You can jump ahead of me if you want, or just wait and let the excitement build. Mind you, this is the first time I’ve ever planned a series of posts so I’ll apologise in advance if I miss a day or generally forget that I’m doing this.

Anyway, Paul McCartney did Helter Skelter, wonder how David Bowie will top that?