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Was it fate or coincidence that happened to choose Cake’s ‘Fashion Nugget’ album to play after I listened to Pete’s album? Either way it seemed apt.

Vocally Pete’s voice is a mix of Edwyn Collins, David Bowie and.. well someone else I’m sure. Sounds wise I think Cake and the Coral are the first names that popped into my head, with a touch of early Cure kicking around in there as well, but I have to admit that “sort of offbeat 80s indie pop” is pretty accurate.

In saying that, it’s difficult to pigeonhole this as it’s obviously the fruit of a lot of experimentation in different sounds. With that, not all of the tracks work in their entirety, the song writing isn’t the problem but possibly a different vocalist would lift a couple of the tracks. Lyrically it’s clever enough to be able to be silly in places, I have to admit to a wry grin whilst listening to 21st Century Superheroes whilst sitting at work!

Production wise the mix is pretty good, with only a couple of places where I think the vocals get slightly lost, and the order of the tracks is nicely worked to ensure the variety of songwriting styles isn’t ever competing against itself. Ohh and if you consider that he wrote the songs, played all the instruments and only borrowed a few lyrics (in the minority I believe) then you can colour me impressed.

Finally, the scores on the doors. I’d say this is a 7.5 out of 10 kinda album, some good tunes in there, and only a couple of ‘filler’ tracks. And, of course, it’s considerably better than my album. Goes without saying really.

All in all not a bad way to spend £7. I’ll be chucking this round our musicclub at work in the coming weeks (I think my turn is the week after next). I’ll be interested to hear what my esteemed colleagues think.

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So, watching highlights of Glastonbury, some good stuff, some mediocre. All of it whetting my appetite for T in the Park in a couple of weeks.

Ohh did I mention that the best mate a man could have in the whole wide world ever managed to score some tickets? Top stuff!

So, with that in mind I’ll be needing your collective opinions over the coming weeks. There are 5 stages, over two days, so this week I’ll be discussing the bottom half of the running order (the smaller stages), and next week I tackle the bigger stages and more established artists/legends (well I can hardly class Bowie as an “established artist” now, can I!?!).

You can jump ahead of me if you want, or just wait and let the excitement build. Mind you, this is the first time I’ve ever planned a series of posts so I’ll apologise in advance if I miss a day or generally forget that I’m doing this.

Anyway, Paul McCartney did Helter Skelter, wonder how David Bowie will top that?

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All quiet at Chateau Snowgoon. A freshly baked loaf. Coffee. Papers, DVDs, wine…

All that and the happy glow that comes from finding out that David Bowie wrote “All the Young Dudes”, as released by Mott the Hoople (ohh gimme a break, I wasn’t even born then!).

That’ll be all. Move along now.

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