And now I’m in a good mood. Well a tolerable mood at least. Odd that.

Anyway, spent last night doing a favour for a friend, but as usual my ‘perfectionist’ view of things kept me up until 2am. I didn’t even get the damn thing finished either.

Which means that the fixes for Scottish Blogs are still outstanding, as is the re-design of this place. Ho hum.

In real life, aside from the new car, we aren’t up to much. Mundane, run-of-the-mill life is what we have (well, what we have fashioned), so much so that Big Brother actually looks interesting. Well, sort of…

I’ve just started reading David Attenborough’s autobiography, I’ve not bought any new CDs for ages (although have borrowed a Jeff Beck from a colleague and it’s pretty good), and nothing in the news has grabbed my attention particularly, well, not over anything else – I mean it’s all stuff I could comment on, but frankly I can’t be arsed.

Note to self: Go to bed early tonight.

Addendum: ANY comments about my lack of a perfectionist view of this here site will be… ignored probably. I’m not happy with it at the moment, which is why some things are broken. Hey hang on, I don’t need to justify myself to you!