OK, a couple of things you* should note:

1. The weatherman may say that it is to be ‘unseasonably cool’ over the coming days. That does NOT mean you need to have the heating system in the train going full bung, lightly toasting the hairs on my leg in the process and leaving me, and my fellow passengers, little more than greasy spots.

2. You MAY be dressed up like those twats in the 911 118 adverts, and you MAY be ‘wacky students’ just trying to earn some beer money, but it would serve you well to spot the guy who is trying to get to work having had about 4 hours sleep, and quite obviously doesn’t want you to jump into his path thrusting a leaflet in his face. He WILL glare at you whilst not missing a pace, making you jump out of his way and almost in front of a passing taxi (and yes, he will think… “drat”).

3. If you are feeling ill, have a cough and generally would rather be in bed, don’t come in to work. I’m feeling fine, thank you very much, and I’d rather not catch what you’ve got!

* obviously not YOU, dear reader. Unless you are the train driver from this morning, or were one of the twats thrusting leaflets in my face. You weren’t, were you?

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