I'll be the bride…

Gay marriages meet frosty silence . Seemingly, according to this piece by the BBC, most Americans do not approve of gay marriage.

One of the protestors outside the town hall where the first wedding was performed is quoted as saying:

“God will be offended. He’s the one we have to worry about. This is the beginning of chaos.”

It’s really quite worrying that kind of thing and, in some sort of weird juxtapositioning of thought streams, I find myself recalling some dialogue from Troy – namely Achilles questioning the almighty Gods by asking why Apollo has not struck him down for sacking a temple dedicated to the God of the Sun.

In a way I have to admit that Bush, or rather his advisors and speech writers at least, have been quite clever in ensuring that God and religion remains on the table as a legitimate part of the political and sociological equation. After all, you can’t argue against faith.

Update: I’ll let razorhead’s post make it’s own statement about religion. Sheesh.

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