Newer than the new stuff

A couple of months ago I was bemoaning the current (still) hosts of this very site. Namely that I was having trouble moving a domain name. I asked for your suggestions for a new host but thankfully, and very generously, someone offered me some free space with all the features I needed.

Anyway, back to 1&1 – I got an email from them today informing me that transferring a “” domain is now possible (too late) but that they had re-designed the web-based control panel and that I should really take a look ‘cos it’s rather spiffy. I’m paraphrasing slightly…

And blow me, if it ain’t actually quite good. Now if you’d never seen the original control panel proffered by 1&1 then suffice to say that this new version is a huge improvement, in fact the entire site has been given a much needed lick of paint, and it’s much easier to find what you want/need. No doubt this has come about because of feedback from their venture into the American market but it’s certainly made me willing to keep this site hosted there.

P.S. I have screenshots if you are really that bothered but I doubt it. Right?