In between showers we got a little more gardening done and cleaned out the garage. Relocated around 20 spiders but couldn’t find where ‘the biggest spider in the world’* disappeared to between trips to the skip. I’m hoping he won’t mug me later on for disposing of his buddies.

Also disposed of a dead mouse. Tragically it fell into an empty bin and couldn’t clamber out. Shame.

Right now I’ve got a heat pack on my back – hurts like a bastard.

Last night we had the pleasure of being taken out to dinner as an early birthday celebration for my sister (we ended up getting her some Very Valentino perfume). The Grapevine in Bothwell (right across the road from our old flat) is always a treat and my Medallions of Beef followed by Panacotta were to die for… alas the scallops weren’t a good choice of starter for me but you win some you lose some. I was only trying them anyway as I’m not a huge seafood fan. The beef was succulent, the panacotta smooth. If you are ever in the area I highly recommend it.

Also bumped into Chris and Fiona, both doing well except I forgot to ask about their wedding plans. Doh.

Anyhoo, tea-time soon, then a hot bath, then a review of my to-do list.

* World = My garage – but the fucker was HUGE I tells ya..