Caron Keating R.I.P., create World Blogs page, finish compiling book list, which car to buy?, compile DVD list, find PNG icons for Y’z Dock, Kevin McDermott Orchestra CD needs replacing (it’s almost transparent), Pick up futon tonight, clear out colleagues desk for her, when is ellipitical trainer arriving?, gas bill needs paying, Stuart’s birthday, Mother-in-laws birthday, Jennie’s birthday, Claire’s birthday, what else in May?, kids at weekend, working at weekend, SCOTTISH BLOGS STILL NOT FINISHED!!!!

Phew. I can’t keep up, several other news items have zipped into, and through, my head today and I can’t remember a single one. I think I need a new blogging tool, one that isn’t browser based so I can store snippets/drafts easily… maybe ecto is the answer, or w.bloggar, or hell Notepad would do.

Or maybe I need to train my brain to store things for longer than a nanosecond or two.

I’m very busy at work, so things will be quiet here until the end of next week. Well, quieter than normal, maybe… christ knows I’ve said that before and ended up posting twice as much (there must be some sort of psychological reasoning going on somewhere in my head but I can’t be arsed thinking about it right now). Ohhh and if anyone feels sorry for me and wants to cheer me up, you can buy me this.