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Firstly a small clarification. Yesterday’s “Confused” post was not suggesting that people who HAVE had children are doing something wrong or bad or evil. It was merely my (knee-jerk) reaction to the news filtering through my head at the time. I’m fully aware that the world can be, and frequently is, a good place. Remember, I’m the type of guy who enjoys wondering at clouds as they drift by on a summer’s day.

Moving on…

Finished reading The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time last night. What an astonishing book. It is about a boy called Christopher who has Aspergers Syndrome, and his discovery of the death of his neighbour’s dog. The book is written entirely from his viewpoint. Throughout the book you are given a world view, different from your own (unless of course you have this Syndrome too of course…), and wholly engrossing. The poor of the emotional attachment you form with the character only really begins to surface later in the book.

I heartily recommend it.

So I’m not debating whether to go back to the book I had put aside – On Green Dolphin Street – or tackle an Xmas pressie – Don Quixote. Decisions, decisions…

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