Setting the standard

So, who’s got a summer holiday booked? We’ll probably make it out to the in-laws in the south of Spain but I don’t see the budget stretching much further to be honest.

Anyway, for all you lot off to sunnier climes (or colder climes, whatever tickles your fancy) be aware that you can’t just chuck a few photo’s up and say “Weather’s here, wish you were lovely”.

Tha diamond geezer bloke has raised the bar (again). If you haven’t caught his reports from San Francisco then I suggest you grab a coffee and a hot-cross bun and head over there.

It all reminds me of my trip to San Francisco – Pleasanton for the main part but a day in the city was more than enough to plant the bug that is making me itch to return. I think the weather in Pleasanton maybe had something to do with it, but I could be wrong… ahhhh yes, fond memories indeed.

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