Get a life

Some of you may have noticed (Graybo alerted me)that a certain UK blog has ceased. The ‘source’ of the reason can easily be found.

Shame really, and it must’ve been bad to force Meg to take her site down. was an early inspiration for me and probably one of the first UK blogs I read slavishly. I’m sure she’ll be back at some point and I hope the person who caused all this feels some sort of remorse, but I wouldn’t imagine they do.

So, lest I fall victim to something similar, let me just state a few things for the record:
1. This site does not document every facet of my life nor capture each trait of my character. You will NOT know or understand me from reading this site.
2. I have a right to my own opinion, as you are yours. This is MY space for voicing my opinion. The comment system was installed to gather feedback and encourage discussion where warranted. I WILL delete your comments if you are being an arse. And yes I have final ruling on whether you are being an arse or not.
3. This site is not my life. I would miss it if I had to pull it down, and I would if needs must.
4. Emmmm… hmmmmm…. ohh just grow up for chrissakes!

Sorry I was going to think this out a bit more but I’m still a bit miffed about hearing about Meg’s site and the reasoning behind it.

Is it just me or do some people just need a slap?