Lastest greatest?

I can’t keep up.

Orkut, Kinja, Bloglines, GMail, the list goes on, and doesn’t seem to be slowing any. I’ve signed up to all of the aforementioned services (except Gmail as it ain’t open yet) but I’m beginning to question why.

I’ve rarely looked back at Orkut after the initial 2-3 week novelty period wore off. Kinja looks interesting but has been launched too soon in my opinion (might be the ‘stayer’ of the bunch though) although that hasn’t stopped me signing up there. Bloglines I came across a while ago and only revisited over the last month as the number of referrers from it are steadily rising.

Orkut aside, the big problem I have with Kinja and Bloglines isn’t the services themselves. It’s the moving from one service to another that is the problem, particularly if you try and go from to anything else… ohh sure you can ‘backup’ your blogroll but the OPML file doesn’t seem to be formatted properly. Well, FeedDemon doesn’t like it, Kinja sort of liked it, and Bloglines ignored it completely.

How the hell are we supposed to keep up with all this?

UPDATE: Blog-Bleary article.

Of course it’s a good sign that these things are moving on a pace once more. The dotcom ‘blip’ appears to have passed and slow, steady recovery the name of the game for the survivors. Add to this the momentum being gained by that whole RSS thang, and it’s no wonder there are many good applications out there trying to grab our attention.

Which one will win? I don’t know, but I think I’ll just wait until the field has narrowed down a bit before I saunter in.

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