Yesterday I received an email from a friend, who lives in London, asking me, amongst other things if I was working today. Here is the ‘abbreviated’ email exchange:

K: Whereabouts is your office in Glasgow?
Me: Near the Casino on the river – next door to BT office.. why?
K: Casino in Glasgow? I know where the BT office is, what is the address?
K: Are you in the office tomorrow?
Me: Yes. Stop teasing and tell me why!
K: You will find out tomorrow.
Me: It’s nothing that would get me sacked… right?
K: Depends how strict your boss is…
Me: Hmmmm deeply suspicious….
K: However it might be an idea for you to drive to work tomorrow, now that I think about it.

So it was with great apprehension that I walked round to reception to pick up this mysterious parcel (fingers were crossed that he’d won the lottery and bought me a Mercedes-Benz 500SL).

Turns out he does read this site now and again.

Cheers mate!

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