A boy and his addendum

Mumsie sent an email with a few (factual) corrections to my 1000 Words entryA Boy and His Dog.

Just love your words to go with the picture of you and Sintra. Needed a tissue – so glad to know she meant as much to you as she did to us. The bridge is on the approaches to Lindisfarne on the Holy Isle in Nothumberland. Must go back some day and see if it’s still there!

P.S. Just for the record – we got Sintra before you were born, Sintra is a district of Lisbon – the ‘old town’, and it was Uncle Bill who took and developed the photo in his darkroom in Doveholm.

So I was right that it was Uncle Bill who took the picture and I’ve now got a whole load of exciting memories of his dark room and all that camera equipment (a mysterious place to a young child). I also kind of knew that the picture was taken near the sea but thought it was during a trip to Tongue, oh well, only a few (hundred) miles out!

She closes her email with the following: “Time you thought about writing your book – you know the one we all have inside us?”

Nothing like a bit of maternal peer pressure is there!! πŸ˜‰