Pros and cons

There are many advantages to working at home, which is why I try and do it at least once a week. They include:

  • Peace and quiet – as a technical writer, a large portion of my time is spent.. writing. The consideration of how to phrase a sentence, link one item of information with another, deciphering a functional specification, etc etc, is easiest done with no distractions.
  • Wearing your scraggy jogging bottoms all day.
  • Drinking good coffee.
  • Getting up at 8 am, and starting work at 8.20 am.
  • No temptation of cakes.
  • Listening to music through speakers (as opposed to headphones).

All good really.

Aside from the burglar alarm that has been going off for the past two hours. Kinda screws up that whole peace and quiet thing.

To coin a phrase: if it doesn’t stop soon I’ll have to go and ‘attend’ to it with a large hammer.

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