In what is rapidly becoming a standard Friday post, I’m going to look ahead to the weekend coming and, once again, list several things that I won’t do despite planning to.

First up is to get some items onto eBay. Unless of course any of you would like to purchase one of 50 Pocket Dragons that we are hoping to be rid of (I should perhaps mention that these little green critters were a passion for Louise, we even attended a ‘members’ day once… no, seriously..).

Possibly a visit or two to the cinema. Still to see “Cold Mountain” (not something I’m immensely bothered about) Neither of us is too bothered about seeing “Cold Mountain”, so that leaves “Big Fish” and “School of Rock”. Unfortunately I’ll probably end up being dragged along to see “Cheaper by the Dozen” which features a certain Tom Welling whom my wife has a bit of a crush on…


Louise mentioned something about washing the car, I keep threatening to tidy out a couple of boxes of PC stuff (cables, old speakers, keyboards etc), and there was mention of going for a walk…

All of the above is, of course, subject to whim and whimsy.

Any suggestions for a cheap weekend activity?