This evening I would like to book four tickets for the Matrix: Revolutions. The four people who will be going all have UGC Unlimited tickets, these are the cards that give you access to movies throughout the year for just Β£9.99 a month. Excellent value if you are a frequent movie goer (or want to be).

However, to book tickets we have to phone a premium rate phone line (25p a minute) whereas “joe casual punter” gets a free phone number. We do not have the facility to book tickets online, “joe casual punter” does.

So it seems, in return for supporting UGC Cinemas for the year we get shafted when it comes to booking tickets. A minor inconvenience you may think, but of the 42 (or thereabouts) showings of Revolutions today, half are already sold out.

One stroppy phone call coming up!

Update: Seems that the “Unlimited Booking line” is currently shafted. 5 phone calls, three different people, one voicemail and one number which kept disconnecting itself and STILL NO TICKETS!!!!

Update 2: I’m drafting a letter to UGC. Will post it here too. Upshot is, we will head into Glasgow for about 6:30, and, in person, try and book tickets. If not for the Matrix, then Alien I guess.

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