BBC News

I’m a fan of the BBC News website. Only trouble is they keep finding such prime blog material that it’s hard to keep up. Here’s a few for the meantime:

Male sex hormone easily triggered – another one of those things “found by scientists” that everyone knew.

Firework ‘louts’ face ban – why not ban them altogether and only allow professional displays. Ohh and why will this only become law “before Christmas”… a month too late!

Reclaim your brain – reminds me of something I wrote 3 years ago.

Of course the main news yesterday was the death of a schoolboy, Luke Walmsley, stabbed by another pupil. Tragic indeed, and I can only echo Peter’s sentiments not to turn this into a media circus, and the killer into a star. Sometimes this society of ours makes me sick.

On a lighter note, if you want to have, in my opinion, an excellent description of what went on in the first two Matrix movies, I suggest you check out the previous posts comments. Ohh and congrats to Hans for the longest comment posts ever. Now, why don’t you have a blog? 😉