OK been working at home for a couple of days now, and motivation is still pretty high. I’ve got a list of things to do that aren’t all related to work and I think I can make the most of having to sit on my arse for the next three weeks.

Work-wise I’m getting through some boring repetitive stuff, and because I’m at home I can break now and again for a quick shuffle round the web. On top of that, I’ve got someone coming round tonight to see if I can give them a hand with a project of theirs, and the same with someone else on Wednesday – all of a sudden I’m in demand!

I’ve also got a few home chores here, namely updating the photo galleries to a consist look and feel. Suggestions for software to help with this please, tried JAlbum, SGThumbs and a couple of others already. I’m NOT going to move to MT so don’t suggest it (of course now I’ve said that some smart alec will!).

Emmm if I’m this busy why did I volunteer to guest blog for Mike?