So, Friday night 2 a.m. and with most people beginning to show the effects of a LOT of booze, as usual two guys got all hot headed and started the old pushey-pushey prelude to a fight.

The people and circumstances don’t really matter as they weren’t discussed, seemingly deemed unimportant by our two protagonists, after all they were too busy proving that they are ‘real men’. Tough, macho, and willing to stand up when challenged, they also managed to prove that they didn’t have two brain cells between them.

I find it difficult to fathom this kind of behaviour and as I’ve now been caught up in it twice, having the role of peacemaker somehow bestowed on me*, I’m getting royally pissed off.

Now, I’m a big guy, physically capable of looking after myself, and I’m semi-confident that, if I had no choice, then I would hold my own in a fight. However all my instincts and reactions would be against that course of action.

So what makes some men resort to this kind of macho behaviour. This blind rage that seems to erupt and is typically shrugged off as ‘bad temper’. Surely it is more than that. But what?

The guys involved are not thugs, and are both ‘alright’ in the main. Do we just excuse it as laddish behaviour? Boys will be boys? It’s the easy way out of that kind of situation, but if I was more closely involved I would want more than that as a response.

Next time, I’ve decided that if they want to knock lumps out of each other, so be it. Boys will be boys, or should I say, kids will be kids…

*It’s because I’m level-headed but big enough to stand between two guys.. I think..

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