Why Amnesty?

When I decided I would take part in this year’s Blogathon I spent some time deciding which charity I would support. Do I help fight illness, protect children, help the starving, protect abused animals? How do you choose one charity over another? By it’s very definition, charity relies on goodwill and generosity, so by choosing one charity over others are you somehow implying ill will? Of course not but such is the nature of the beast.

I looked at various charities (you can add self preferences), and kept coming back to one thing. All the other charities that I know of, and found out about where specific and obvious. Cancer is a horrible thing, I know enough about it to know that. Children in Africa dying of starvation is awful, malnutritioned animals abused by their owners is heinous, and the list goes on.

Why Amnesty? Because they cover the uncovered stories, and highlight the atrocities that don’t receive news coverage. That’s about it really. They highlight the stories you don’t hear and every time I visit their website or hear about them in the press I agree.

For more information about Amnesty international, I suggest a quick trip through their history from 1961 to the present day.

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