We seem to have spent most of the weekend (and most of our monthly budget) shopping. We’ve not ‘been away’ on holiday for several years and our wardrobes were in dire need of updating with some ‘holiday’ clothes, so we hit the shops yesterday at 9:15 a.m. and got home around 3pm.

Back out the door 30 minutes later for a “Odd beer and wine” evening at a friends house. Old Engine Oil, Sheepshagger and several eastern europe beers were quaffed resulting in a slightly thick head the next morning (and you don’t even wanna know about the other end!).

Today, our niece’s birthday (Happy Birthday Megan!), a quick visit to my parents who are in the midst of interrogating my Gran as they continue to try and complete the family tree, and then home to sort out the bags and bags of shopping we dumped in the spare bedroom when we got home the day before.

And all the while I’m thinking how I’ll tackle the Blogathon. A separate ‘blog’ probably, with a few themes, … still thinking …