This may become a bit of an outpouring as I’m tired and emotional at the moment.

Louise is doing fine. She was in a horrible amount of pain over the last two days, and it was very hard watching and trying to help her through it. A culmination of events meant she was without pain killers for about 6 hours, drifting in and out of consciousness. Two other ‘local’ hospitals had closed their doors as they were full and instead of a typical 5 or so admissions the hospital received over 20. The staff were rushed off their feet and I don’t suppose I helped by ripping a shred or five off a few of the nurses (I apologised to them all today and they were as understanding as I was embarrassed). Louise had to endure two inspections with a lot of poking and prodding but thankfully the pethadine and 3 shots of morphine managed to deaden the pain and the morphine has since arrived regularly and allowed her to get some much needed rest. She is on fluids (via drip) only and as she can’t really move without a lot pain she is bedridden.

She has had an ultrascan with showed nothing. She was then X-Rayed today and we should get the results back tomorrow. They think that, after having her gall bladder removed last week, a rogue gall stone is blocking her bile duct, backing everything up and not allowing the liquid they used during the operation to drain off. If that is the case they are confident it is simple to ‘fix’.

I remember reading an article, many years ago, which discussed the effect being married had on a man. In the article it mentioned that a lot of men who are there during the birth of their children can be traumatised to a serious degree. I also remember, when I read it, thinking that was just new-age, modern man rubbish (I hadn’t learnt much about myself at that point). However I think I can now relate.

Not being able to do anything of use, whilst the person you treasure is suffering so badly is an awful feeling. Yes “just being there” is all she needs, and yes this isn’t about me, but that’s one of the many thoughts that has entered my head.

Anyway, the main thing is that Louise is doing well, her spirits are high, and she’s back to her usual self. As I walked into the ward today she was chatting to a nurse about the old lady (Mary) in the bed across from her, pointing out that the old dear was in a lot of pain, and had told Louise earlier that she didn’t like to bother the nurses too much as they were very busy. So Louise did what she always does and made sure Mary got her painkillers. That small simple act raised both our spirits immediately.

Ohh and thank you to everyone who has emailed, left comments, phoned (I will phone u back later in the week Sal – promise!) and sent cards. We are both deeply touched.

Who said the internet didn’t affect real life!

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