Awwww bless

The night end in tears, but in a good way, bride and groom bawling their eyes out because they were so happy (NOT as one member of our party put it “because they are glad that is over” I’m sure ๐Ÿ˜‰

Top night, bride and groom quite happily intoxicated, and the usual myriad of in-jokes that come from going to a wedding reception with people from work.

Ohhh and lovely setting too – The Old Mill Hotel in Motherwell, with a small waterfall right outside the window.

AND I got to dance with a pretty Texan gal… hope her husband didn’t mind me borrowing her (although I have the distinct impression it was her that dragged me up to dance, but I could be wrong).

So plenty of dancing, laughing, meeting people and.. well everything that makes a good Scottish wedding, including the ceilidh!

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