Quick check: I’m at home, in front of the PC. I am not at work. Wow, what a quick day!

So what to do tonight? My better half is out with her sister and a gaggle of cousins (or whatever the collective is) and I’ll catch up with her tomorrow. So I have an entire night to myself.

I could go for a walk, but I walked up the road from the station and my feet hurt now (I live at the top of a very big hill about 30 mins from the station.
I could channel surf on TV, but I just know I’ll end up watching live coverage of the war.
I could watch a movie, but the only ones we have in are ones we want to watch together.
I could read a book except I want to DO something (if that makes any kind of sense).
So I guess I’ll tidy up, make dinner and then ehh… find something to do.

What are you up to?

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