Gangs of New York
Wow. I wasn’t too sure what to expect as I’d managed to stay away from most of the hype surrounding this film, but consider me impressed. An epic scale film, well directed, well acted (WHY doesn’t Daniel Day Lewis do more films?), some wonderful cinematography, and clever use of special effects. Not sure the exact running time but it certainly didn’t feel like a long film. Well paced and bar a couple of messy looking edits I can hardly fault it. 9 out of 10.

Ohh and for once I managed to spot the director in a scene, I usually don’t see those type of things until someone points them out to me.

Ohh and we watched Panic Room last night instead of The Fellowship of the RIng. We had been meaning to watch it for ages, I picked it up in a free DVD offer before Xmas (from Fox I think). Excellent movie too, if somewhat predictable. The tension is well handled and the leads do a good job with a minimal script.