Bought a shiny new keyboard with lots of bells and whistles on it. So if anything is awry over the next couple of days is because I’ve pushed a button and something has gone wrong!

Survived yesterday. Company kickoff wasn’t too bad, the news wasn’t all doom and gloom and if the company is still going in 3 months then it should be OK. After work went to pub for a ‘few beers’ and promptly ended up getting the last train home. Was a good night, met Becca (Alex’sbird‘). I’m wondering what she made of us all, and whether she could understand half of what we were talking about!

Today has been quiet, parents popped in for lunch, and we’ve just watched Monsters Inc, in lieu of anything decent to watch. What is it about Saturday evening television?
Complete dirge. Probably watch another movie later, maybe tackle the extended version of The Fellowship of the Ring. Mind you we are planning to go and see Gangs of New York tomorrow which runs over three hours too, so might try something a little shorter. Ocean’s Eleven anyone?

Ohh and whilst I remember, please join me in my quest to get some pictures of the lovely Pinky in her high heels. Thankuverymuch…

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