But I want it!
I own DVD’s but not a DVD player. One criteria of me getting a PlayStation 2 (before we got, say, a new cooker) was that it would be used to play DVDs. Which it has. But… well it’s not enough really, is it. I can get hold of VCDs, SVCDs, MP3 discs, and all that kinda stuff. What I needed was something with the following specification:
~ Playback of DVD , CD , MP3 , DTS , CD-R , CD-RW , VCD , SVCD and other formats
~ Supports NTSC / PAL dual system and 16:9 / 4:3 format
~ 5.1 channel digital output and 2.1 analog output
~ 32x realtime play and display
~ Composite Video , S-Video and Scart output
~ IR Remote control and OSD (On Screen Display)
~ Multi-Region Capable

Just as well I found this then.

So I’m a tad excited. I don’t get to buy many new gadgets these days since we bought the house (I mean for some reason my wife considers a new cooker and decorating the bathroom as better use for our money than, say, upgrading my 4 year old Palm Pilot or buying me a new PC!! Sheesh). I’ve got a VCD, Region 1 and Region 2 discs all lined up and tomorrow I’m gonna cut an MP3 disc.

Excited, excited, excited.

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