US targets al-Qa'ida

I’ve not commented much on the ‘war on terror’ that is being waged at present. Recent announcements by the US government are concerning though.

The Pentagon says:

“We’re at war with al-Qa’ida. If we find an enemy combatant, we should be able to use military forces to take military action against them.”

“…assassinations are part of “preparation of the battlefield” in the open-ended war on terror.”

It seems that the American Defense Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, isn’t happy about the amount of time it takes the CIA to act on these matters. He believes the military could act more swiftly and efficiently.

He seems quite happy that this type of covert operation flounts international laws and treaties left, right and center. But then, who is capable of putting the good ole’ US of A in it’s place?

Source: US plans hit squads to target al-Qa’ida worldwide