Rain, rain, go away…

I’m sitting in the midst of a VERY tidy office.

Some shopping this morning, and then home to be inside whilst the heavens opened. Yeuch.

Bonus: Didn’t have to cut the grass. Mind you as it now resembles more of a field of buttercups maybe that’s not such a good thing…< But we did get the office tidied. And we are off out tonight to a wedding reception. Ohh and we watched Spiderman last night. Wasn't too bad a way to spend a couple of hours. Thought Tobey Maguire was good, and I think the sequel will be better as they can let 'Spidey' emerge more as I thought it was lacking slightly in the witty one-liners department. Kirsten Dunst was good, I thought her portrayal of.. aww sod it, she's gorgeous. And if feels so much better to be able to say that now, unlike the first time I saw her and thought 'what a beautiful girl' (Interview with a Vampire).