I had Lego, a big box of it inherited from my Uncle. It started out innocently enough, building a house, or car, the occasional plane, but it was always under control. I graduated to Lego Technic and things started to spiral out of control. Yeah I started with the basic kits, and built what they said, but I soon rebelled. I was a Lego freak, building weird and wonderful creations, mixing the plane kit with the car kit with the crane kit. I was on the edge.

Luckily I had the support of a loving family and they hauled me back. After a few years I was cured, but to this day I still get a shiver when I see Lego in the flesh, and the memories come flooding back. I’m stronger now, and even managed to handle a trip to LegoLand although that was hard.

There are many like me around the world, they suffer the way I did, limited by the number or shape of the pieces, constantly wanting more “90 degree curved green glass corner finish”, or the ever elusive “whip antenna 3” (it was very prone to snapping in our eager little hands). Many of them continue to build, unable to rid themselves of their demon.

But there is help available. They don’t have to face it alone. They gave us so much, and can people who give us such wonders as the Cathedral of Ice, be so bad? Maybe they’ve got it right, and we’ve got it wrong? Maybe the path forward is built on inch long plastic blocks… who knows…

(And maybe I’ve had too much caffeine today)