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To ITV Sport: A letter of complaint
Whilst I am glad to see England go through I was very disappointed in your coverage of today’s games (12th June).

I think it is ridiculous to only show 3-4 minutes of the other 3 games in total, and spend the rest of the program on the England game. By all accounts, the most dramatic game of the day was the Paraguay vs Slovenia match, 4 goals, 2 red cards, and the eccentric Chilavert taking a free kick. Yet we saw barely a minute of this game.

It is shockingly biased and a disgraceful that you think that people are only interested in the England team. The World Cup is a grand occasion, why can’t we enjoy ALL of the football?

This is not anti-English sentiment, just a request for a more balanced review of the day’s football. Surely that’s not too much to ask for.

Polite? To the point? I wrote this after I’d calmed down a lot, if not it would’ve probably have sounded something like this (parental advisory warning!):

For fuck’s sake you arrogant biased bunch of wankers, it was a boring 0-0 game, yeah so En-ger-lund have gone through, what about the rest of the games!!!! Show the rest of the games you useless bunch of shites!!

50 minutes of the England game. Total number of goals: 0

4 minutes on the other 3 games. Total number of goals: 6.

YOU do the arithmetic!

P.S. Get rid of Gazza, he is awful.

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