500kph Train

Maglev test train

Wow. Fast.

I’m trying to think how this train would cope on British railway lines. No longer would the “leaves on the line” excuse work, would it? I also wonder about vandals, and cows on the line and such like, does Japan have the same issues? (The departure of the 3:15 to Osaka is delayed as there is a Pokemon on the track?).

Thinking about it this train would be ideal for the Glasgow to London sleeper. It would also stop the false advertising that accompanies the aforementioned service – sleeper? are you kidding me! only way to get to sleep was to get plastered, which left you hungover on a shoggly, noisy train the next morning. Not a pleasant experience, especially before a job interview (but that’s another story completely).

The geek in me says “Cool, I want a shot!”

The pessimist says “Safety first please”.