Manly man?

S/he. Interesting piece.

I have always found it easier to make friends, with women, and tend to shy away from the more ‘lout-ish’ kinda guy. I do watch and play football, but it really is only a game. I do drink beer but it’s not a contest. I do flirt with women, but that is definitely a game without winners, and I never actually expect it to come to anything. I think I come across as non-threatening kinda guy, so women either tolerate me or actually enjoy my company. Guys seem either unsure of how to take me, threatened by me (???) or just not that fussed as they know I’m never really going to be ‘one of the boys’. My best male friends fall into the same kinda category. We can be ‘laddish’ but never to extreme.

Or are we just well adjusted?