Good Morning

Looks like I’ll be taking the car to work more often as Louise can now get a lift with a work colleague who lives close by. Suits me fine, as I hate the constraint of having to get specific trains. Less environmentally friendly, probably, but it will save me money, and yes I am that selfish (if it’s any consolation I’ll likely be giving one or two people a lift every day as well).

Anyway I was up early so took the car today, beautiful, still, clear and peaceful morning.

The car park is across the river, so each day I will walk across Oswald Street bridge, and if it’s the same as this morning, that’s fine with me. It was like walking across a slightly fluid mirror, with the Renfrew Ferry and the Waverley sitting on the surface, their reflections shimmering gently before being broken by the soft ripples of two passing ducks.