It's up to you

thelefrakwebsite. The wonder of the Internet. I have a friend who lived in New York. She used to work for Time magazine, and we shared an enjoyment of the Saw Doctors music. In the 4 or more years I’ve known her she’s been married, been made redundant, found a new job, visited Europe, and is now moving house. I’ve never met her. We’ve exchanged gifts, laughs, sobs, and everything else that goes with friendship. Yet we’ve never shaken hands. The horrors of 11/9 were all the more real from me because maybe she was in the area when it happened. The wonder of the Internet.

Back still v.f*ckin’ sore (sorry but my pain threshold is directly related to my ability to eloquently state the pain level I’m suffering). Think I’ll have to phone the docs and get some bigger painkillers. Nuts.