Friday Five (Belated – obviously)

1. What’s your favorite animal?
Tiger probably.

2. What pets have you had in your lifetime?
Numerous goldfish all destined to be flushed away, a hamster called Muffin, and I grew up with my golden retriever Sintra. My dog, a boy’s best friend.

3. Is there any specific pet that you’ve wanted but never had?
A macaw, or any big parrott. Comical, intelligent, I just think they are fab.

4. Are you allergic to any animals?
None that I know of – yet.

5. Do you have any ‘pet’ pet peeves (your pets or others’)?
Ohhh yes, those people that think they can walk their dog next to a busy road without a lead. My dog was as well trained as any, but they are all animals and are all unpredictable, you just shouldn’t risk it.