Tuppence – this seems to be the theme of my week so far – started on Sunday whilst we were trying to figure out how much carpet we would need for our new living room:

“Right, if it’s 25 feet by 11 feet, and the carpet costs £6.99 a sq.metre, and it only comes in 10 feet widths, then… em … aargh!!”

This was followed by RuhBehKa’s post and one of those DIY shows on TV where the builders discussed:

“Well if it’s 6 inches deep and you’re covering 20 sq.metres, then you’ll need 3 tonnes of cement..”.

I’m 6’0 tall (around 1.86m I think) don’t have a clue what I weigh in kilos, and get thoroughly depressed at what I weigh in stones. 1972 was the year we went metric (year before I was born) yet I am one of the majority who work in this strange ‘imperiatric’ system. Oooh think I just invented a new word!

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