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Fed up with YACCS, switched to Haloscan. Hmm can I move my comments over too?

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A quick check of the YACCS site and lo and behold, new code, update for the new Blogger (Dano).

DOH. Should’ve figured that one out.

Ohh and yes the time settings got screwed too, I’ve fixed them now (although I’ve had to fudge the time as I can’t find a setting for BST).

So apologies to one and all for not commenting on your comments. Normal* service has now been resumed.

Right, so anyone know anywhere I can get cheap flights to Venice? I’ve got free accomodation waiting there but don’t want to drop £200 on flights!

* This word is used advisedly

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We are driving to London on Friday. I’ve just spent the last couple of hours making up some CDs. Inspiration is lacking.

So, dear reader, I need your help, or more accurately, your playlist. Get to it and fill that comment box (YACCS don’t fail me now)

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We are driving to London on Friday and I’m in the midst of making up some CDs for the car. As usual my attempts at a theme have swiftly degenerated into “Ohhh I like that one” and “Ohhh Louise should here this…” etc etc.

So I need your help or, to be more exact, I need your playlists. At the very least your Top 10 driving tunes. Anything in the pop/rock/r’n’b genre’s are safe but I’ll consider pretty much anything. So have at it people, I wanna see that comment box brimming with suggestions (YACCS don’t fail me now!)

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