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So, what do you do if you’ve had a crap weekend? You go out at lunchtime and buy a ticket for the Kings of Leon gig in December. A few of the guys from work are going as well. Monday before Christmas, could be the perfect way to forget all about the presents I have yet to get around to buy.

Ohhh and I bumped into an ex-colleague whilst browsing the sandwich selection in Somerfield (which is woeful). Craig.. er.. dammit, can’t remember, great with faces, awful with names (that’s why I’m so good at spotting celebs in the street, even if I don’t know what they are called). He was the IT guy at Crossaig, had a wee red MG, kept RAM and hard disks in the boot, prompting strange looks when you asked for some hardware. Memories.

Note to self: You lazy bastard, you STILL haven’t completed your tax return, nor have you sent that cheque to Pete. AND you have still to watch Angels in America. You’ve had it for months now. Mind you, you could wait until it appears on Channel Four on the 7th and 8th of October. Now, what are you going to do tonight? Tax Return?? What! Watch Man. Utd vs Liverpool! Or those bloody Star Wars DVDs?! I give up…

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Celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary with a meal at a Mongolian banquet.
Installed dishwasher (a present from Mum and Dad from my Dad’s retiral money).
Got very drunk three four times.
Had NO hangovers three mornings after (alas the fourth one did materialise).
Got new mobile phone. Had problems with new phone. Got new phone fixed (just about anyhoo).
Started work on the new fireplace in the living room.
Finished the Da Vinci Code, London Fields and some others… Yes I read some books.
Sent off my Tax Return.
Took some photos (!).
Started planning a camping holiday in France for next year.
Installed and played with WordPress.
And a myriad of other little things which brought me joy but don’t need reported here (long walks, time with family etc etc).

Site news: comment boxes should now be wider, and I’ll look at the left margin but it took me ages to get this layout cracked (content appears first) and I don’t wanna break anything. More random photos will be added as I start snapping with my camera phone.

And thanks for the comments. I DID have a good break thanks, and yeah it is kinda nice to be “back”. Now if I can just get the ole blogging engine fired up again we should be all set.

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